• “NEW DIRECTIONS” Pilot Program

    Posted on September 1, 2012 by in Previous Events

    Schools in Business was invited to help develop a new program to meet the needs of students in Year 11 who have had difficulty determining what direction they want their study and future career to head towards.

    The pilot program commenced in September 2012 and ran for 1 day a week for 5 weeks.   13 students who had ‘missed’ the traditional support structures in schools were invited to participate.  Students from the Australian Science and Maths School, Blackwood High School, Pasadena High School, Hamilton Secondary College, Seaview High School, Unley High School and Mitcham Girls High School participated in the pilot.

    The objective was to provide students with a targeted program aimed at helping them to re-focus on their schooling, or on new goals. The program helped students work on their employability skills; to understand their strengths and career options; to explore work in South Australia and to engage with a diverse range of people and groups who can support them on this journey.

    Schools in Business was able to introduce the students to some of the best business operations in the State through visits to:-

    Broens Engineering
    The Weeks Group
    The Adelaide Convention Centre
    The Office of Design and Architecture, Department of the Premier & Cabinet
    Tindo Solar
    The University of Adelaide, Science Faculty

    and courtesy of Campbelltown City Council, a tour of the award winning Lochiel Park Green Village.

    The students also gained knowledge and information from the life and career experiences of three guests speakers who openly shared their journeys with them.  They were:-

    Stacey Grigg, Proprietor of the Mockingbird Lounge
    Jason Tindell, Education Coordinator, Southern Region Natural Resource Manangement Board, and
    A/Professor Monica Oliphant, Research Scientist and Immediate Past President of the International Solar Energy Society.

    The results of the pilot are now being analysed and modifications made to the program structure.  The goal now is to make this an annual activity for schools to add to their support services to students.

    Here is a 20 minute video about New Directions.  Thanks to all who were involved in this Pilot Program.

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