What is BiS?


Business in Schools (BiS) creates authentic partnerships between education and industry to facilitate knowledge and skill sharing, explore emerging career pathways, and assist development of skilled, job-ready student graduates.

Building links between businesses, students, teachers and the broader education community, BiS delivers tailored activities and programs which enhance existing cirricula and ensure students are learning skills most relevant to their chosen career. Participating businesses generously share up-to-date industry-specific knowledge, resources, and expertise to assist students with the transition to work.

BiS also offers support for strengthening existing school / industry relationships.


Partnering education and industry can provide significant benefits, including:

  • Increased understanding and awareness about the skill needs of an industry or a business
  • Raised awareness about pathways into an industry
  • Increased pool of skilled workers for an industry
  • Correction of outdated and inaccurate perceptions about an industry or occupation
  • Opportunities to influence and enhance school programs and the way they are delivered
  • A better understanding of young people and future employees, and the school environment from which they come
  • Opportunities to recruit school students while at school through School-Based Apprenticeships or part-time employment
  • Opportunities to recruit students as they leave school either through direct employment or via full-time apprenticeships and traineeships, potentially saving usual recruitment costs
  • The potential for an improved profile for an industry due to recognition of contributions within a school community